During the 1980s to early 1990s, Melbourne, Victoria was terrorised by a man who became known as Mr. Cruel.  The masked man has been linked to a series of child abductions and rapes. He is also suspected of murdering schoolgirl Karmein Chan. Mr. Cruel may have also been responsible for many other unsolved rapes beginning in 1985 throughout Melbourne suburbs. 

Photo Victoria Collections

Photo Victoria Collections

Ron Iddles claims old crook, Alfred Hugh Gay named Norman Lee as Mr. Cruel. Alf stated to Ron that his friend Normie had confessed to killing Karmein Chan, and that he had been to his house and that it matched the description of Mr. Cruel’s detention house but none id this story stacks up . Coincidentally, it is Alfred Gay himself that has connections to every crime site location.

I saw a man standing there looking like he was possibly wearing overalls and then what looked like a spray jacket on the top. He had his back turned to me with his gun raised up in the air.

“That is just by way of introducing Alfie Gay and putting him in context. He was a major respected, armed robber, safecracker, and all-around sophisticated crook” (Rule)

Alfie Gay says to him “Would you like to know who Mr. Cruel was?”

A telephone exchange can be found within <2 km of every crime location.

Eastern Metropolitan 220kV Circuit mirrors Mr. Cruel crime sites.

What type of person may have committed this crime?

Police undertake a massive search of 30, 000 homes

“Payback Asian drug dealer, Anon, more and more to come''